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Counter-Strike 2 Workshop Q&A


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On 2/4/2024 at 6:58 PM, Radu said:

Thanks for putting all this together! You da' real mvp @Radix

Thanks! But I have to say that this didn't work as intended. Originally I hoped to get some people involved to get some answers for my own questions while doing the tedious work of putting it all together. But obviously people/communities have changed in the last years.

But I will keep this thread up for everybody or even just for me in case I need to look up something.

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Question: Many entities have unused keyvalues after porting a map. Can I just delete these?



Answer: These keys are obsolete and not used anymore (?). If you want, you can remove all of them by clicking 'Map'->'Check for problems' and then hitting 'Fix':


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Question: (Porting CS:GO maps to CS2) All the instances that I had in my CS:GO map don't exist in the ported map (as a prefab). They are only inside the maps/prefabs folder, but all func_detail geometry is missing. How to fix this?

Answer: If you want to preserve your func_instances, replace "-usebsp" with "-usebsp_nomergeinstances" in the Python script parameters:

python import_map_community.py <s1gameinfopath> <s1contentpath> <s2gameinfopath> <s2addon> <mapname> -usebsp_nomergeinstances

(Import Tool Documentation)

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