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[TF2] Hellway


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Please check the map out also in Steam Workshop - more screenshots and helps me if you vote. Thanks ! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3030745323

Now off to map - Welcome to Hellway, its a way to hell, in a way.

Introducing MINICULUS, a horrieying spawn of MONOCULUS. Now with 50% less size, 100% less rage and 1000% more jester! Hes still so young you know...

Poison that motherhubbard with the booze! Deliver the Payload to the pit where it lives!

Note: booze overdoze causes allergic explosive reaction and death!

Some map features:
- Pumpkins, normal and explosive
- Skeletons and Skeleton king, steal his special spellbook!
- Jestering MINICULUS, opens portals to underworld but does not always want to show up!
- Fetch special spellbooks from hell!
- Normal ghosts and burning ghosts that can also burn YOU!

Map by: ICS
Payload cart by: AsG_Alligator
Additional models by: Hakk1tus

Happy Halloween 2023!




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