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Department of Homeland Security issues ban on video game


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Sen. Hillary Clinton also is highly opposed to the game.

"First Grand Theft Auto, and now this. I'm starting to think we should just ban all video games."

ok she IS a bitch.

So by her logic of thinking. Maybe we should ban movies and television too, because some people make stuff thats a bit on the edge...

oh well i just dont care anymore. that woman is pathetic anyways.

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Ok, let's see, she is violating the freedom of speech, tampering with the economy by suggesting of banning a whole medium, being a major pain in the ass, and still not dead but still fugly. I think that covers it, she is satan, and insane cunt and definedly winning the next election for precidency since HE is not a woman anymore with that kind of balls.


Duh, a fake well who would have tought about that :D

But what I said about Mr. Hillary "satan" Clinton is still valid argument.

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haha please :P

Someone should make a game, a platform game where you are Hillary :twisted: Clinton, and every level has a boss which is a well known gamesdesigner :D


oh and.. She is only equipped with an axe... a bloddy one :D and she screams alot when she hacks away at all the infidels.

could be cool..

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