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[CS:GO] Balkans II


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Ayo wassup, MapCore! =--)

After a hundred hours of development, I present to you a map for 5v5 matchmaking - Balkans II! The action takes place in the city of Berlin in Germany at the Balkans metro station under construction (Not real place) I will be glad to your assessments and critics! :DD





This map also, have an interesting history. Here it is.. 



The story of this map began on June 23, 2020 at approximately 6-7 am (Interesting fact, I am writing this text at the same time). Inspired by the layout and appearance of the cinema building near my house, I drew the very first sketch of the future map in a notebook. As you might have guessed, the movie theater, or to be more precise, the territory on which it was located, was called the Balkans. From that moment on, I started to develop the map, and, just two days later, on the evening of June 25th, the first version of the map, Balkans Old, was released.


(Very first layout of map)

Let's get back to real life. By this time, the cinema building, along with the entire adjacent territory, had been demolished, and the construction of a high-rise building began in its place. Of course, this upset me very much, after all, this is one of my integral childhood memories. But nevertheless, the fact is that the map was created in the image of a previously existing real object, and now this object does not exist, and the map has become a kind of digital monument of this object, as well as my memories. And you know, it's.. It's interesting :)


(Balkans, on russian - Балканы)

After about two months, on September 2nd, 2020, I release an updated version of the map, and it is this that becomes the original version of Balkans aka Balkans I. It gained something around 700 subscribers and we often played it with friends during the 20th and 21st years. In terms of detail, it was sooo far from ideal. And therefore...

At the end of summer - beginning of autumn of 2021, I create a new fresh map based on Balkans I in a notebook and start a FULL reworking of the map, which takes me 4 months of daily mapping. It was... to put it mildly, not easy :) But nevertheless, on December 31, the long-awaited, new version of the map is released, which... Didn't become Balkans II, because I just burned out from such a long and continuous work on the same project. But fortunately...

The map was waiting for a similar scenario with the first part of the map: first release, and then refinement and a full release. Only with the first map it took 2 months, and with the second one more than a year, but it's not so important anymore :) After all, on the night of April 2 to April 3, 2023, I release a modified, ready, new version of the card - Balkans II! In addition to graphical improvements, it also received full support for such modes as partners, an arms race, a fight to the death, and in general it became ready for the game :) (Development and support of the map is ongoing and will continue, so feel free to write me pm on discord (sh1ft#7034) or in steam!) 

So here it is ... from a thought and a sketch in a notebook to a full-fledged map .. Thank you so much for reading this story, I sincerely wish you, my friend, success in your work and in life!


And yes, sketching is very useful =--)















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