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3d Modeler for machinima series


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3d Modeler position for a small television-style machinima project I am heading. This is a volunteer project involving roughly 10 people. We require a low poly character modeler to create realistic human characters with 5000-7000 polys (or as realistic as you can get under those restrictions). XSI is the preferred tool, but that's not a big issue.

Although the project is "volunteer" - there is already a secured distributor and once our payment is finalized your contract will also be revised to include payment. If the show generates positive ratings it could become a steady income for the next year.

Interested folks should get used to working largely unsupervised and not be a robot waiting to be told every detail (ie. use some of that creativity you were born with to spice up our ideas.) Also note that this is not a typical machinima series as it contains some very dark and serious content.

Send your resume with any relevant material to daniel.frome @ gwfilms.com (remove the spaces). No attachments larger than 20MB please.

Note: This is not the same project as advertised previously on the forums.

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Website? Location? ect?

By deciphering this man's very complex code, I was able to decern that the website is gwfilms.com. Additionally, based on this intelligence, I was able to determine that there is no location, but focused on a group of individuals over the internets. This will make blowing them up a pain in the ass.

On a more serious note, I'll send you my CV.

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