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Biohazard (Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory idtech3)

Devils Right Hand

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hello community want to show my map,biohazard was my first idtech3 map back on 7-8 years ago,on and off it was 4 years until i made a FINALE version,i used Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory as a base to pickup OBJ/deliver OBJ/open doors,the map itself is you investigate on a remote villa,so if you are player who like to investigate things go ahead,the story of the map i dont need maybe to tell

-i use a real terrain,if i do then a terrain for the map i wanted do to it right a detail terrain,and to see if a real terrain works with that much of brushes


-re texture brushes
-re change the doors height
-darker skybox
-change the elevator
-change some rooms
-new lights on some areas
-change some stairs with clip texture
-add stairs on fountain
-new railing
-new glass

screens https://postimg.cc/gallery/QX33kpS

Download  https://www.wolffiles.de/index.php?news-print-996



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