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Insurgency Mod's First Wave

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Insurgency Mod has finally released some high quality screenshots of their upcoming Half-Life 2 mod.

These include both scenic and gameplay screenshots.

s01_t.jpg s02_t.jpg s03_t.jpg s04_t.jpg

s05_t.jpg s06_t.jpg s07_t.jpg s08_t.jpg

Insurgency is also recruiting environment modellers/skinners, texture artists, and player animators.

For more information on the update and requirements for these positions, head on over to our website.

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Nice. Looks like a Source version of Battlefield 2 :P

Good stuff

Took the words right outta my mouth :) My only real "criticisms" are...

...That the skyline on the left of the first screenshot looks too simple, like the roofs could use some more interesting furnishings. The street could also use some clutter, like piles of dirt/sand against the saddam wall, or litter props and decals.

...I was gonna do one of these for each screenshot, but I can't find much else to fault. Yum yum :)

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