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 A map primarily inspired by metroidvanias. The level is designed with an emphasis on non-linearity and brutal enemy encounters for the ill-prepared.


Set place primarily in the factory of Wrought Manufacturing.

They've set up shop around an ancient sword that towers into the sky, plunging into the eldritch flesh of the planet. 

Explore these haunted grounds while collecting weapons, ammunition, and power-ups, for you'll need everything you can scavenge for the Boss that awaits you at the heart of Claymore.

There are five collectible colored swords scattered throughout Claymore. The number of swords you collect grants different rewards. Some swords are required to beat the level, but extra swords will grant hefty rewards, such as the Swarmer and Plexus!


Completion time is ~20 minutes with a 4 minute boss arena. Can be sequence broken for much faster times.


p-link: m-SMBxynxctT


Steel yourself!






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