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This will be my entry, TEK DITCH!


P-Link: m-0zbR6sm4oU

"In a red and rocky planet, people started extracting its valuable resources already quite some while ago in one of the canyons. Things don't seem stable and right though any more.."




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Added P-link and description. Map's ready for some testing/previewing!

Known issues:
-No secrets
-All monsters may not be available for killing
-Optimization still in progress
-Things can be crude and/or missing polish in many areas
-No checkpoints

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As posted also in Prodeus' Discord:



Map is now published, with the same old P-Link: m-0zbR6sm4oU

Map's also tested on PS4! Can be bit more difficult there, but it runs.


-Cleaned up Automap even more

-Optimized facecount/navmesh


-Changed some Energy-ammo to Chaos-ammo (because I just seemed to happily think that was also for Arc Rail..)

-Fixed "soundscapes"

-Fixed some lighting issues (seems many EnvProbes in same room is worse than having just one)

-Adjusted few more enemy spawns to be lower for consoles

-Updated Snapshot -Updated Description

-Adjusted Items/Ammo a little, hopefully didn't break the balance

-Fixed some VFX-issues -Added few more sounds here-n-there

-And some other minor stuff..


Play it, rate it, have fun!



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