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Here is my entry for the Mapcore Contest. P-link: m-YN7HzV73Fk

A chemical factory powered by a mysterious rune. The workers and guards have since been transformed into chaos monsters.

This is my 2nd Prodeus map and I had a lot of fun putting it together for you guys. It's a grimy techbase with a toxic theme.

I had a couple goals going into it that I wanted to tackle:

  • Include an outdoor section of the map.

  • I wanted the player to be able to backtrack to look for secrets, no locking the player out of previous areas (at least not permanently).

  • I wanted it to be more co-op friendly than my first map (try and avoid locking the 2nd player out of an encounters)

  • I wanted to experiment with curved/circular level geometry.

  • I wanted to implement a small shop you could use to get a powerful weapon for the last few fights.


Special thanks to the playtesters, I couldn’t have made it without you: ioridyson, Prometheus_SD7, Grays, Smellbow, Sir_Wulfrick, Sean Gunnery, James1140, Walingawire & Evilyn1617. Edit: And aircawn for finding a soft lock area last minute.










Overhead View (courtesy of Paws' pro-map-renderer):





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Extra credit to aircawn
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Hi Doritos420,

Huge fan of the Hollywood Duke Nukem map you made! I wanted to ask for certainty, is there no way to get the last secret on this map because the game has no jetpack, thus no secret above the exit as in the original Duke Nukem 3-D?

I did glitch through the map at one point and saw a small cube room underneath the map. Did you guys put this here to be untouchable as an homage to the original map’s last secret which is unattainable?

Thanks and best wishes,

Not The Fiji Flu

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