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Burgers' Bush


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Some photos of a zoo i went to a week ago. It's awesome, they built a huge jungle with many animals just walking around, an underwater part and a huge desert. Best zoo ever. It's kind of hard to get make pretty photos of a huge jungle though, i'm gonna try again soon enough.


(Pics on the rest show the bush)

Anyway, i liked these best of all the pictures i took although i'm far from satisfied. I photoshopped them just a bit because the camera i had sucks at colors.

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There's so much more awesome photos i could make but i could only spend an hour at the zoo, going back for 10 hours soon enough. They rebuilt a pier (sp?) with all wooden pillars, and they put all kinds of fish, sharks and uh ( http://astimo.nl/rog.jpg ) those animals in there, with an underwater walkway. We had to walk through that really fast unfortunately.

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There's a cave with a few smaller aquaria on the sides before you enter the huge underwater walkway. The jungle is in some kind of a biodome, you can see a bit of glass and steel through the plants. In some sea you see from above they painted the walls (really beautifully) so that it looks like you can see really far, it's cool. And in the underwater walkway you can't really see the roof because there's waves on the water.

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