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dm_torrent [FINISHED]


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*UPDATE* - 08/09/05

I think it's done...

Thanks for the feedback. I've taken most of it into account and altered what I could from the beta. Hope you find most of it has been improved.


*UPDATE* - 08/03/05

By the way, here are a few photo references I used as a starting point for the map. I thought they were pretty cool. Not sure how popular these are exactly, you might already know about them...












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the sand looks excellent, the roundness and texture make it look great, it looks as if you factored wind into it and say if theres a wall here and if wind hit it the sand would pile here etc, the grass ties in in nice, and the fog just finishes off the atomosphere, its excellent

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Looks great, really like the desaturated bright look

One thing though (and keep in mind that this is without having played the map). It looks VERY similar all round, and especially with this kinda colour choice it would be pretty neat if you had some areas that really stood out. I dont mean that you should put in some flickering purple and green light, but variation in lighting is usually a good guide to making people learn maps faster. But as I said i havent even played it, and regardless then it looks great.

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Just ran around the level abit. Generally looks very good in alot places. Few things I noticed...

- Your fps problems are caused by point_spotlights being set as dynamic lights.

- Too many ladders (and for god sake mappers! use old ladder method (func_ladder type thing. In HL2 its "ladder" textured brush))

- Too grey, needs more color imo, atleast in few "indoor" areas.

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