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Free PBR texture websites


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I thought I could share with you guys four free websites for physics-based rendering textures. All of these website allow you to freely download textures at any available resolution. They also do not require you to create an account.


  • Website: https://ambientcg.com/
  • # of Textures as of September 2022: 1761
  • Public Domain CC0 1.0 license
  • Textures come as image files


  • Website: cgbookcase.com
  • # of Textures as of September 2022: 535
  • Public Domain CC0 1.0 license
  • Textures come as image files.

Free PBR

  • Website: https://freepbr.com/
  • # of Textures as of September 2022: 434
  • $9 fee to use textures commercially
  • Textures comes as image files, but have been prepared for use in Blender, Unity and the Unreal Engine.

Poly Haven

  • Website: https://polyhaven.com/
  • # of Textures as of September 2022: 288
  • Public Domain CC0 1.0 license
  • Textures can be downloaded as a Blender file with shader nodes and lighting already set up. They can also be downloaded as a GLTF file or as image files.

It should be pretty easy to set up the shader nodes. Just connect base color/albedo/diffuse to Base Color, height/roughness to roughness, normal to normal and so forth. If you have an ambient occlusion texture, just combine that with your color texture using a MixRGB node.

And here's a comparison of similar textures from each website:



(Full sized image can be viewed here)

All of these balls were rendered in Cycles using the lighting that came with Poly Haven Blender files. If I had to choose, I would say Poly Haven textures look the best, in that they're a lot bumpier than textures from the other three websites. This might be because Poly Haven normal maps look like this, while the other normal maps look like this.

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