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Cool Kids modeling contest, make a crate


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Dunno about gmax, but in 3dsmax I would (using the right click menu in the perspective view) convert the box to "editable poly", change the selection mode to "edge", select the edge you want to add the vert to, select "insert vertex" from the right click menu, and then click on the edge where you want the new vertex. But then I'm a total n00b to 3dsmax, so that might be some horribly long winded way of doing it :)

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Its come to my attention that everyone is making really boring crates D: and everyones being very unimaginative about it.

How about a broken crate or one with a hole smashed into itor the lid off and something scary inside!~

There is more to a crate then the outside edges!~

could even do a sureal create which is growing out of the ground :o~ like a tree growing and add some BS in about "ow im a hippie this tree is already dead its doom to become a crate"

ok =) done.

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