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Farcry the movie


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*the elevator doors open and there'sthe Skipper dead in a chair, with a note pinned to him that says "Ho ho ho, now I have a machinegun!"*

die hard was ace !!!!~

yeh...how come this director does such shit films yet has all this money to make more :\

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*the elevator doors open and there's the Skipper dead in a chair, with a note pinned to him that says "Ho ho ho, now I have a machinegun!"*

This thread is now about writing the Farcry movie script in a choose your own adventure style. Just continue on with the story where the other person left off.


Gilligan has now grown some balls and is not an extreme pussy (I mean he saw his best friend the Skipper die). The Professor went apeshit insane and started killin people adn taking Mary Ann and that other girls to his hideaway. Apparently the skipper was in cohoots with the Professor (I guess he really did swing both ways) and the Professor ordered the SKipper to kill Gilligan and Mr. Howell...

Professor Goon 1 [PG1] (over walkie-talkie): Kzzrtt! Professor, this is PG1. Come in, over! We have a body down here. It appears to be a fat captain, probably that useless Skipper. Kzzrtt!

Professor: Kzzrrtt! Christ, Jonas was a good man. Take some men and bring him down to the infirmary. Stay Alert, that bumbling fool will slip up sooner or later and when he does, his ass wil be gone. Kzzrrttt!

PG1: Kzzzzrtt! Roger, PG1 over and out! KRrrzzt!

The Professor hits the red button on his phone, calling his secratery

Professor: Carol, send in Sweet Ginger, tell her that I have a special job for her.

The Professor leans back in his chair, massaging his scalp.

Professor: Damn, Damn, DAMMIT. That little shit Gilligan will fuck everything up.

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