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Landed Myself a Job!


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Hey guys, thought i'd let you lot know i've got myself a kewl job at Climax games ( http://climaxgroup.com )

Not a direct level design job but to evaluate a certain game and an engine that will no doubt dominate the ps3 and 360 market!

Sounds interesting, im guessing it's so i can learn the technoligy and what exactly can be done with the engine before i get hired to work on this next gen project.

Anyway thanks to who ever knows me and has helped build my knowledge up this far!


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I imagine he will be involved in prototypes and engine tests, to see if the engine is suitable for their next-gen endeavours. Getting new talent in to work on prototypes is quite a common and wise move I think; they get experience working in a commercial environment but not on critical game resources, so the company can see if the person is suitable while at the same time training them up and having them up to speed as soon as they are assigned to a full project. Then again, I could be completely wrong :)

Whatever you are doing for them, good stuff getting a job with Climax :) I loved Felony 11-79 on the PS1 and Super Runabout on the Dreamcast (though I never played the PS2 Super Runabout), so if you end up working on a continuation of those series it would be great fun I'm sure. Oh and Sudeki was much better than reviews made out - visually it was awesome, the soundtrack worked a treat, and if it had just a little bit more length and depth to the gameplay it would have been a classic. Which studios are you working in?

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