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Little help here people...


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I have tried, with little luck, to find nice replacements for the default HL lights, I've got all these shiny custom textures in my levels and the majority of the lights are these HL ones that look arse. Replaced a few with Blaz's and a few other asssorted ones, but to little avail.

Anyone know of some nice textures, or a link/tutorial on how to se about creating your own. My attempts so far, mostly based around taking an existing metal texture, then making a load of layers to simulate the bulb/tube and the glow off it have been dreadful. Also, how do you do the glass/plastic thats covering it?

Theres a nice example in the HL replacement texture thread, I'm after something along these lines, but single lights :


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Yeah, I've got industrywest, had a looksee, but there are no light textures I can use there.

I've seen gin on these boards and the TS ones (he was making a very promising oriental themed map), but he's not posted in ages.

Here's hoping Mr Postman puts in an appearance.

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