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Doom III Single-player Levels


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Any decent map sets about? I played one called 'Executive Quarters' the other day, pretty crap really except for the Shambler model which is awesome. I want Recall To Hell/Facing Hell to be released damnit :|

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I've heard of Obi-Wan so I'll it a try. The map pack thing looks pretty cool, so I'll also look into that. Kiltron's Quake II remake is looking pretty cool, he'll be releasing a test build soon, so I'm looking forward to that.

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The fine folks over at have put together a featuring 9 of the best user created single player maps for DOOM 3. Want to play some exceptional single player levels but not in the mood to hunt them down and find out if they were worth the time? Well here you go. They are all together and are all definitely worth playing!

At..? At where?!! No link.. Helpful!

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