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Final version as well.

Ofcourse the looks can't compete with the newest from Valve but I think the 4 vent entrances and the window entrace throw up gameplay a bit and give CT's a better chance.

  • [*:27d2grk6]Map name: cs_logistic_assault
    [*:27d2grk6]Release date: 28 july 2005
    [*:27d2grk6]Number of spawn points: 64

    Final version, cs_assault styled map based on a European industial area.

    (click to enlarge)

- HL2files: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/CS_ ... ault;45415
- Fileplanet: http://www.fileplanet.com/files/150000/155555.shtml
- My site: http://www.bluestrike.be/maps/files/cs_ ... ssault.zip

- Map and custom textures by Bluestrike (http://www.bluestrike.be)
- Bot navigation file by CoCoNuT (http://coconut.de.tc)

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Looks cool, you've got a nice theme going on there. The thing I can spot immediately is that the skybox seems to just 'end' abruptly, especially in this pic: http://www.bluestrike.be/maps/cs_logistic_1.jpg

It would've looked a bit more natural if you'd added a slight fog and then more building in the distance via the 3d sky box. Also, the lighting is rather flat and very even -- it could've used a bit of variation and some bright, short-ranged lights here and there just to accent the architecture in places.

That's all I can think of :) Nice job.

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looks good, and well thought out in that things are arranged in a way that makes real-world sense.

a few things about the screens that bug me a bit, the skybox as Defrag said; the texture mismatch on the right side of the road in pic 1; vent tex seems upside-down in pic 4 so the vents look inverted; the broken garage door in pic 3 is just totally improbable; some repetetive textures. those are just a few things that stand out right away and they're pretty minor but this kind of stuff does make a difference to my eye.

one thing that bugs me about several assault remakes in a gameplay sense is the railing along the walkway in pic 4; i really prefer being able to drop straight down off the ledge without having to jump over a railing, particularly as it makes it easier to bring hostages down quickly.

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Looks good, but like the others said, the skybox needs a bit more work to make it look realistic. Also, how about some slight fog? Have a look at the official CS maps, most of them use fog and it makes things look alot better for some strange and mysterious reason.

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