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[CSGO] Vandal

Jim F Kennedy

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G'day, again.

Currently working on my map 'Vandal', a Wingman map set in the Land Down Under.


Heres an overview of the map so far.


Also heres a screenshot of it to gawk at while you're here.


Infact, heres a bloody gallery of screenshots.


Oh, and heres the workshop page too if thats your fancy.


(It might be outdated...)

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Another update on the texture work, but first heres how the skybox is currently looking, still gotta fix fog and transparency, but overall almost done.


Next up heres some progress shots of the graffiti in the map, yeah lots of it. To get a decent variety of graffiti, I ended up mixing from CS:GO, Half Life Alyx and texture sites, edited to all have a blue tint.


One potential problem with this amount of graffiti is visibility, and surprisingly; it's fine.


Continuing on with graffiti, I also wanted to integrate gameplay information into them; arrows and a blanantly obvious "PLANT HERE".



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