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real-time trees looking for tips and tricks


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I'm currently working on some outdoor environments for this game that uses the torque engine which is rather limited compare to current engines :). Here's a sample of the evergreen i've been working on. Leaves were created in Paint effects, and then mapped onto planes. Which i will reduce from 200 polys to a flat plane for the distant trees.


Not sure if this is the right direction im taking, but thought id get some input :D

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jaardsi: hehe, i had no NDA to sign. Its a realistic duck hunting game. I'm doing most of the environments, interfaces and objects. It's hopefully be published at christmas.

Test 3


the single player level, the dunter stays on the island and most of the trees and vegitation are planes in the background. But for the multiplayer, I need to make fairly low poly trees that isn't going to slow down the engine that the hunter can see.

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I think the branches on the tree at the left just start a bit too high, it's not too tall. Also, the tree on the right (less polies than the one in the middle) look more 'full' that the one on the middle, which is weird. I'd say make the one on the middle more full as well.

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