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Horizon (Wingman) [WIP]


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Hello! I haven't posted any new maps here in a while, so it seems that the time has finally come :)

Horizon is a new map I'm making with rastick (steam) He is the founder of the map and gameplay developer and I'm a visual and gameplay developer. The setting of the map is a museum complex in the mountains, and the main visual feature - a stunning panoramic view from the mountains.

All of the screenshots you will see is the production version. The current playable version looks much simpler (like a graybox with textures in some places).






 Gameplay (WIP but it's almost done)

We spent a huge amount of time and effort on the gameplay of the map and tested it many times. Well, the progress is visible, we thought about a lot of gameplay situations, both in general and in particular, made a lot of different places that put the player in interesting situations, and we have not found significant shortcomings in the map, BUT I'm still not satisfied with the map (maybe it's a phantom memory and pain for my previous "great" projects, but it's not certain).

We're still working on gameplay, so if you ever play our map and have thoughts or want to report a bug, we'd love to hear your critique!





Visual (WIP)

Now the visual component is not so much ready as it is at the stage of prototyping and searching for ideas, and if everything is more or less solved with nature and surroundings now, the architecture is still in the active phase of thinking. Nevertheless, I think it all looks like at least a very interesting concept right now.

I have a couple of models and textures ready, but I'm still looking for ideas, so I'm being cautious about making props.




References and sources of inspiration

The map was originally inspired by the tourist complex on Mt. Säntis (Switzerland). Also very much inspired by Mt. Wellington (New Zealand). Now it is a kind of symbiosis of these two places, the architecture from the first and the nature and views from the second. And also I liked the Lumen Mountain Museum which helped me finally choose the setting of the museum in the mountains.



Workshop Link (CAUTION! gray textures)

Hope it was interesting to see what we do, thanks to everyone who read this! Hopefully we'll share more details about development soon...

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