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new gfx card


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I need a new gfx card, and Im willing to spend around

~1200,- danish kroners


~190,- €


~200,- USD

any suggestions ??

my specs


pentium 4

2,54 Ghz

512 MB Ram

Microsoft XP pro

service pack 2

gforce 4 ti4800SE (I know its crap, and thats why its getting replaced)

I dont care if its a gforce or a ati

so what ya think ?

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A ti4800 isn't crap, its just not quite as modern as it used to be :P

I just replaced my ti4200 the other day for a brand spanking new leadtek 6800gt, which was a real bargain from overclockers at only £165. Its part of a special leadtek sale they have on at the moment, which has all the 6800 cards in both AGP and PCI-E as well as the PCI-E 7800gtx at severely knocked down prices. I dunno if they do international orders, but if you wanna look into it, check out...


I think the 6600gt is probably the best card at around £100-120 just now, but you might want to also consider the standard 6800 which seems to fare a little better in benchmarks I've seen and doesn't cost much more. Apparently you can also software mod it so that it unlocks the extra pixel and vertex pipelines, so together with a little overclocking you can effectively turn it into a 6800gt. If you are buying a card from that gen I'd recommend going for nVidia cards due to their SM3.0 support, while if you are going for the previous gen (eg GF 5900 vs. 9800), ATi seemed to have the significantly better cards in that round.

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My 6600gt is good, and can handle most things. However, the limitation of 128mb memory is a real pain at times and often prevents me from smoothly running textures on high. If that concerns you, which it should when spending this much, you will want a 256mb card.

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Well, I can say that the MSI GeForce 7800 GTX I just bought for 590€ is GREAT!

For that price, I would expect blowjobs, pancakes and a steady 200 fps in any game.

Well how about steady 78fps on Chronicles of Riddick: escape from the butchers bay 1600x1200 everything at max and then some.

OR UHQ at Doom3 with steady 80fps and around 60fps on Battlefield 2 (tho you have to drop some dynamic shadows and light, or else it plays like doom3 on a 8-bit nintendo). And I think bit over 100fps on HL2 with everything through the roof.

But I'll have to call to my retailer and ask them about that bj and pancakes :cool:

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