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Pursuit Force


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This will be released internationally, right? That Europe-specific release date worries me... But yeah, looks crazy cool. :)

PSP needs more games released, dammit! Good launch, but nothing in between... But fall should be good! Daxter, Death Jr., X-Men Legends 2*, that viewtiful joe thing, and this.

*Biased, perhaps, but I'll be getting that on all platforms :D

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Its only a PSP game, so I guess all of them are pictures of the PSP version. Look at the videos if you want to see gameplay. This looks like my kinda game :) I've always been keen on the likes of Felony 11-79, Super Runabout, and of course the Burnout series, so combining that sort of "reckless driving" genre with some good old shooting should be fun. Pity I don't have, any don't particularly care to use lots of money on buying, a PSP :(

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Looks cool and all, but PSP is good for me to poop on tbh.

Tho it's all about the games, so if PSP gathers some other cool games, maybe it's status will raise in my eyes, but atm it has nothing on GBA.

And I think PSP could run HL1 with lowered texture quality since there has been some talk about the power:memory ratio, the hardware has enough kick to it to run cool games but the joker who designed the hardware didn't notice that, the kind of graphics the hardware is able to run, needs alot of memory :D

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