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Sourcemods/Total-conversion Memorial Thread


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so everyone here on mapcore kinda make memorial threads such as the Nuclear Dawn that @FMPONEdid, but for those who don't know what is Neotokyo

Neotokyo it is a first person shooter multiplayer that aims to provide a visceral & realistic combat experience in a rich future setting.

NT Steam

Neotokyo 01-16-2013 Release

So what happens to the creator exactly? Well Tatsur0 now work at Monochrome Inc famously know for his work on Zombie Panic! Source and Contagion and a other dev I don't know their name but they worked on a Far Cry and another one got hired for working Ghost In The Shell movie (also Neotokyo was too inspired by it)

Neotokyo would've been a great game on it's own rather than just a ''HL2 mod MP'' it would've been popular like No More Room In Hell and Counter-Strike

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I worked on a mod called firearms source. First as a mapper, then tech artist/make it work guy then became lead and finally got the game shipped. It went on for quite a few years after I left. I keep in touch with a bunch of developers. Some of them are in california working at naughty dog and at some silicon valley companies.




found this neat thread when googling a while back :


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On 6/22/2022 at 8:38 PM, blackdog said:

@FMPONE i finally (accidentally) found the folder with screens of HL mods I collected.
If you DM me you favourite contact i can WeTransfer to you or something


Nice collection, brings back a lot of memories. I wouldn't actually mind having a look at these as well 👀

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