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Repetition of your textures throws off the atmosphere. The major contrast between the snow and the red also messes with the neatness of the level. With all the intricate brushwork and model placement, it would be nice to see some sharper shadows in areas. So maybe work on your contrast with lighting. Decals, you need to place decals to break up the repepetition as soon as possible. Coloring your lighting (do not do the over used orange) would also help. Maybe try purple or blue hues? Subtle is the key, but color is the goal. You have a lot of stairs. I'm assuming they're jacking up your wpoly. Remove some stairs for ramps (i'd assume they'd use ramps anyways since they'd use carts and such). This'll free up polygons to flesh out your building's depth (your buildings walls are too flat) along with small trims in areas to make them seem less...blocky. you're also in need of a 3d skybox, even if its just mountains in the background. Your tree is also lacking snow on the branches. If you really want to emphasize the theme, you need to put snow on the branches. OR tone down the ammount of massed up snow on the inanimate objects.

Over all its a nice map.

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stairs fit well but they might indeed take up a lot of bsp poly, id just make a mesh stair therefor, thats where its for anyway.

your snow is as said everywhere, there should be holes in the snow where theres no snow, specially inside. you could do that by making patches of sheets/planes that fit it and are layed on top for example

the snow is also very flat and feels too oldskool for a modern game, 3d snow meshes or so might work along with other ice theme things such as ice piggles, frozen water surfaces, etc

i like the red texture, makes it more styled but not like it is used here, needs a little more definement but the red itself is ok for me. And as said the light is simple atm.

But besides that the theme is more original for HL2 so thats cool

Skybox has too much yellow and crap btw, doesnt feel cold.

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This is how the map started. Do you like just the wood with "an old crumbling barn" look?

I've been looking though some of you guys' suggestions, and alot of the things you suggest are things I have no idea how to do...for instance the displacements on the upper levels wouldnt work right, because once you displace the top, the sides and bottom dissapear.

I know this isnt an editing forum, but if you can point me in the direction of how to do some of the things you brought up, I'll give them a try.

Here's the original picture:


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I like the snow version more, even though it does look pretty repetitive. For the displacements on the top, yeah, the bottom and sides disappear, but theres an easy way around that. Just copy the brush you want a displacement on, and paste it next to the original. Then make the top a displacement, and raise up the middle so it sticks up. Then move the displacement to the same place as the original brush that you want it on top of, and wala, now theres snow or whatever on top of the original.

I dont like that brown wall on the edge of the map though. Get rid of that, and make it like a simple split rail fence or barbed wire or something, and make hills in the background. Otherwise it feels like you're trapped inside some little cube with a bunch of barn like buildings in it. You have to create a good atmosphere and mood too, and the easy way to do this is with stuff in the background and sounds.

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