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Updated my Portfolio site.


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Sort of an uneven site. The best thing I found on it was the alien slave skin for nighwatch, totally ridiculously good.

The levels were a bit uneven. On one hand it's awesome you can map in so many different editors (and putting together a halo map is hard as hell, kudos) But I think a lot of developers going to your site might look at a game like Nolf2 not knowing its sorta simple to begin with and not understand the work put into it.

I'd say if you stay on the track your on and really hammer down to get some more work out there (especially more next gen) you could get a job in a couple of years definitly.

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Love the skins, but the HL2 map isn't at a level where it should be displayed on a portfolio, atleast not yet. Some dodgy texturing and pretty basic brushwork.

Oh yes, and please post more musings! I've read through them all on previous visits to your site :) (a repeat visitor? Shock and awe!)

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Hey Alf-Life, its Colin from the Gearbox Forums. Long time no see, haven't seen you around that neck of the woods in forever.

I like the site and I like your work, but if I was going to make a change I'd adopt a more formal front page than the watermelon navigation. The watermelon doesn't really do much for the person just browsing by and wanting the information. Sites are all about content, content and more content. The quicker and easier you display the information for people, generally the more page hits you'll get. As for your work, the Farcry map looks pretty good. How much custom material have you added to the HL2DM map? The vanilla style and props can get really boring to look at, adding custom props and the like can add the spark you might be missing (its hard to tell with the screenshots provided). Props for the Halo map, I know just how hard it is to map for that game :P

As far as the site goes, first thing I'd address is getting information for the projects up, time spent, programs used, maybe even a brief explanation of what goes into making a level for that game for the uninformed. I mean, HaloCE, you have to go from Max to Tool to Sapien to Guerilla and back and forth and in between, setting up various things along various stages. Looking at the map, you'd never know the amount of work that goes into getting a completed level into the game. Perhaps provide overviews for the maps as well?

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