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Help Me Find Those Evil Mods


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Im putting a mini report together at work on Mods/Cheats that in some way alter a game so that it becomes "evil".


Tomb Raider - Seeing Lara naked (think this one is fake anyone have the game to hand)

Dead or Alive - i think once had a nude cheat

Sims - removing the blur

and obv SA - hot coffee

If you can think of anymore i will love you for ever and ever...well all of 3 seconds then i'll discard you like the whore you are!

Did MGS3 have some nude cheat in it?

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In the original Sims you could get textures that somehow changed the model and gave the men big dicks.

Theres a crappy Alyx nude mod, I'm sure the good one is still in beta :P

Also I have a little story.

I used to play Duke Nukem 64 coop HEAPS and I was always disappointed when we got up to where the strip club was meant to be on the first level and it was replaced by a garage. I had already seen the strippers on the PC version, so It wasnt sheltering me from smut, just ruining the immersion.

I was only 9 yrs old btw.

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Do you or do you not want simple cheats that can let you have a nude skin?

There's a Max Payne 2 console command (requires that the user knows how to start MP2 so it has a console), where you shuffle through player models, and eventually you get to Mona's shower scene model.

Reguarding TR. I remember reading somewhere that the developer has since gone on a lawsuit rampage, threatening anyone who releases said cheat, since, according to them, they are also releasing some of the game code with the cheat, which, again according to them, is illegal.


And for the sims, there's a no-censorship patch for the sims 2 at game copy world. I know the original sims had it too, but GCW doesn't seem to have it.

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Cheats such as the hot coffee mod is the best shizzle!~ but anything that has been slightly done by the makers is good.

Btw im not turning into Jack Thompson =) just getting my facts straight.


Tomb Raider (not checked)

Max Payne 2 (not checked)

San Andreas (checked)


Sims1-2 (checked)

return to castle wolfenstein (checked)

Anymore for anymore :o~?

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Mac is going to betray us, sue all game makers for so much that they go out of business, and then he will sit in one of his multi-million homes and taunt us.

Do you have access to MP2, or do I need to take screenshots and/or capture video for you?

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