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What to buy next? (A beginner's question)


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Hi there,

I just bought my first camera (A Zenit 11 with a Helios 44M lens).

I need advice as to what to buy next:

-A wide angle lens (the current one is a portrait one and doesn't do scenic shots so well).

-A polarising filter for the existing lens.

Other recommendations/suggestions are welcome. As you might have guessed from my choice of camera, my budget is exceptionally limited (still debating whether I can afford a camera strap :( ), so please suggest accordingly.

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What kind of photography are you going to be doing? A polarizing filter is pretty good for landscape... but a wide angle lense is even better (ideally with a polarizer). But I don't do landscape... just what I've heard.

I'm pretty limited too in terms of budget... I can't wait for the day that the Canon 20D will be in my hands for good, and not just playing with it at the store.

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