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Longhorn = Windows Vista


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Friday we learned that Microsoft has officially named their new Windows - earlier known as it's project name 'Longhorn' - as Windows Vista, Vista means ofcourse a distant view from an opening, or a place to offer such a view.

Microsoft also associates terms such as "clear", "confident" and obviously like their Xbox 360 system "connected".

You can see a brief video about the naming ceremony here, so you know that I'm not making this up :P

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I kinda hate these names that are words (or retarded acronyms of them like XP), why can't they use the numerical naming sheme? It doesn't have to be the year neccesary, but Windows 06 would be good enought to me.

Besides the ME and XP are so bad names for operating system, it makes them sound cheap.

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They should have sticked to version numbers in the first place.

Keep it simple, stupid.

Yeah but Windows 95 marked the beginning of a new era, so naming it Windows 4 or 3.12 would have been bad marketting. But I agree with you that version numbers make it way easier to keep track of the OS and maybe even see the bits of truth behind everything, like if Windows 95 would have been 4, would 98 have been like 4.10 or 5.

Besides, there is no chronological order in these names anymore, people might get confused that did Windows name#1 become before Windows name#2 or the other way around.

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All this means to me is the minimum specs will be raised for no real reason, again! And I will have more shit to tweak and disable before I can get my computer cozy.

I can't be the only one that doesnt want flashy animations and transparencys.

You are absolutely right there, windows is heavy as hell as it is, and now they are going to toss in some more. But there is the upside that MS is going to include some fancy effects to Vista, but they are going to be rendered by the GPU thus it should be logically some load off from CPU.

So I guess we have to just wait and see, but the bottom line is that, there is still going to be alot of tweaking and adjusting to do.

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