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Photoshop Enthusiast Looking To Expand Skillset...


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Hello Gents,

I've recently taken up the interest for environmental texture creation. I have a thorough knowledge of Photoshop (~4 years), but I have never expanded my abilities further than the creation of 2D graphics, such as templates, wallpapers, etc. I have a few questions for you fellow artists. I am not asking for links to tutorials. I am not asking for step-by-step guides on the creation of textures; I simply wish to hear a few tips and tricks on how I should get started (ala how you obtained the interest for texturing, where you started, etc). I also have a few questions...

1) How do you go about blending in things into base textures, such as windows, doors, etc?

2) What are your favorite (top 5) Photoshop tools you use in the creation of textures?

3) Where can I find information on what each of the texture maps do (normal, specularity, diffuse, etc)?

If you guys would take a few minutes out of your time, and provide me with relevant information, I would highly appreciate it. Thanks!

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im not a pro, so i'm not posotive you wanna go by my word, but I gave texturing a shot, and I was proud of my results.

1) The thing you gotta be sure of, such with windows, is that it's the same feel. By this, I mean you shouldn't use some hi-res texture of an urban wall, and then try placing in a window that's cartoony and fully photoshop-created. You gotta realize how windows work in real-life. Some stick out, meaning you dodge an edge around the window's base, and burn a shadow upon the wall around the window. Cracks, dodged, chips of the wall are sometimes common upon older walls. It's good to add detail. Making sure your contrast is matching upon your whole texture is a main factor, it needs to all fit right and appear realistic. For starting, I honestly to mine in MS paint. I draw out first on a 512x512 what I want. where I want. I outline my shutters, my window, my chipped glass, my concrete, my trimmings. Then afterwards, enter in photoshop, new layers over it. It's great to have something original.

2) Dodge, Burn, Clone, Brushes, Blue ruler line (Key to having straight edges)

3) Dunno, someone else will answer that :P

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