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approve = improve :)

Lightning ok, some people have commented on that. But its night so I dont really know what to do with the light_env? Maybe I could spice up the texture lightning... any idead on how?

Lit up some of those windows around your little city, it would brighten up the atmosphere a lot. Maybe add some of those little red light bulbs that everyone loves around the roofs, they fit very well next to vent exits and such. I know your r_speeds are a bit high but I think it would be worth it. Also indoors, your lights are hopelessly too dim.

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Ok, I changed the sky and tweaked the light_env to more... morning - does it work now or should I lighten it up even more?

I also made the lightvalue on the texture lights higher, did it work or should it be lighter too? Im trying to come up with small smart ways to put in some "exciting" lights - like the red ones jaardsi was talking about - but cant figure out what would be cool - any ideas?

I also added the forklift model.´I tried to lighten up the windows using fucn_ill's with additive put on them in front of the windows but it looks like shit - any betetr ideas on how to lighten up some of the windows?

But anyway - does the map look better now, am I on the right track?



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Ok, maybe its not that much brighter yet, but right now I've been working on putting in some models. Have some of the windows lighten up, looks O.K? And btw, why hate dark maps? ;) Give people a reason to use nighvision :)

Changed my trees to models and I'm working on changing the grass to models to.


Added lights here, looks ok? Also have some of the winows lighten up.


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