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Another Delay?


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You heard it right, as I'm sure you have all read already, another delay for the game we would all love to get our hands on. The new delay date set is for April 2004. A sad day indeed, but does not surprise me at all.

News posts/Different reports:


http://biz.yahoo.com/rc/031007/tech_viv ... mes_2.html

and i'm sure its on CNN somewhere also.

Sorry forgot to state its not SOLID yet, but no doubt i'm sure there will be a delay. Just a PERSONAL opinion :)

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apparently it not offical and they hope for sooner.....i hope for sooner 2 ;o~

Update: Half-Life Source (ironically titled, under the circumstances) has their report based on visiting Valve saying that "only a SMALL PORTION" of the source has been stolen, and an email they attribute to "Mike Thompson who says he works for Vivendi Universal" saying "delay is not confirmed..." Did I mention this might not be the last word on this subject?
from http://bluesnews.com
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Guest John Kerry

lol, i just think its funny that the same people that were bitching to valve making petitions online are now the same people that are backing valve cause there little game got stolen...

the best part of all this... valve learned a good leason in internet security... if you have such a highly anticipated video game coming out and everyone and their mother wants to play it... make sure your security is better then that of wall*mart (and if you know.. wallmart has like NO security)

now, what these little hackers did.. was (funny) wrong.. and i hope valve gets em... but i sure am getting a good laugh out of all this :)

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I know I love it.. Maybe [myg0t] will have the cheats ready for game release now that they've probly got the source for it..

/me wishes he knew how to code.. He'd make a pong game from HL2 source.. (Might as well make a good game with it)

lol j/k

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They will just rename a ton of the code classes, functions, etc.

Then those using the old source to build hacks can easily be caught and banned from hl2/steam, and they will be caught because hl2 works over steam which requires authentication and a bunch of registration info. They can always hack single player, but it doesn't really matter then.

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