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My new hobby


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Everybody seems to be into Photography lately, it's a cool hobby, looking at pictures often fills me with joy but taking them myself probably isn't my thing. I would probably buy an overpriced camera and either forget it at home all the time or lose it somewhere (has anyone seen a beige summer jacket by the way? No? You see... :( ).

So anyway, I found a different hobby, something different from sitting at the computer all the time, it's about staring at two flat, rotating, round shaped objects and LED lights. Eventually also listening to some music.

I'm talking about DJ'ing/mixing. And it's quite...expensive...but primarily fun ;)

I didn't go for the most expensive equipment. I wanted to make sure that this is something I wanna spend lots of time with before buying Technics turntables and letting them catch dust after 1 week, although I did have a few test runs with the tables of 2 friends of mine.

So I got myself 2 "Reloop RP-2000 MK3" turntables (direct driven) and a "Reloop Effex Titan (blue)" mixer:



I'm satisfied with the purchase so far, it's lots of fun, especially when you don't have a place in the surrounding area where they play the music of your favour. I got around 20 records by now, French/Disco/Funky house, sadly no R&B and Gangsta Rap homies. I ordered new slipmats and a brush today, the systems/needles seem to work very well for me, so I don't think I will buy Ortofon needles or something in the near future.

Do any of you guys have DJ experience? I know Blaz used to mix Trance music from time to time, anyone else? Just wanted to share that with you really, maybe you guys have completely different hobbies, feel free to post them here.

PS: Booze and ladies don't count.

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I actually used to be a "dj" at some silly disco when I was a kid.

But I got to try some dj'ing again when I started breakdancing (please yes I know I've done silly stuff), and its pretty fun.


Oh yeah, the "hobby" I love the most, is skateboarding. Just ride around looking for fun stuff to session for a while, then get kicked away and start crusing around looking for another good spot. Or just hang out at the skatepark with lots of friends.

And the smell of blood, asphalt and hot weather mixed, thats probably the smell that reminds me the most of summer.

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DJ'ing.. Not me tbh.. Tried it but I couldn't do it any good so I got bored with not getting anywhere with it so I started playing the drums instead. I've been playing the drums for about 8 years and..well it's fun! I play in 4 bands and I have little time to do anything else than school, bands, and leveldesign. Sometimes though, I get a little time on my hands, then I go outside to ride my skateboard. I also know st0lve is a hardcore skateboarder.

Anyways. Music is one of the most expensive hobbies but it's sure a lot of fun! Keep at it!

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Uuh, fellow turntablism fanatic. I don't do it myself, tho I have MC'd bit on my time, found that I suck and got back to keyborads playing mad organ solos, and that is my hobby, also music related.

You should really check a documentary called Scratch, it is the best documentary about turntablism and turntablegods such as Mixmaster Mike and Dj Qbert.

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thats kewl, i used to do that with my dad's turn table and one i found at the dump hehe, i trasted them ub40 records never anything serious though, besides gamedesign and photo's i dont have to many hobbies , I havent got to much free time aswell so its ok ;] but I used to do all sorts of things , gitaar, model plane (flying them) model car, boat non of that anymore. Even though "girls" dont count my girl does consume alot of my daily time ;)

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