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PS3 tech demos


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Dynasty warriors tech demos running on PS3 platform, everything looks nice, but I'm still not that impressed, they promised us much more on their hype speeches. But maybe the dynasty warriors developers haven't had the time to really explore the capabilities of the machine, or it's just that this so called "supercomputer" really is not that powerfull as Sony has touted.


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Looks like something the current generation of consoles could easily do with some work.

Again the first batch of games are probably gonna be somewhat closer to what we see on the old consoles than what we think they'd look like, took the ps2 like 2 years to finally get some good looking titles out, I bet it'll be the same with this generation.

But judging it right now with only a few games being shown off is a bit too early, and the really good looking ones are most likely being worked to perfection right now, and are not shown off.

Its just still funny that people expect so much that they suddenly expect the trailers to be ingame stuff :)

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It's not that people expect the trailers to be hollywood CG quality stuff, it's because we were promised eye sex by the console developers.

But I agree with you, can't judge the consoles by the first patch of games, I'm expecting some real visual orgy from Resident Evil 5 and MGS 4, they have always been the most beautiful games no matter the platform.

But more than eye humping, I'm waiting if the next-gen consoles can deliver anything really new than just improved visuals. The news of SCEI has licensed AGEIAs Novodex SDK so the physics might be tad improved, but I was wating for someone to put the actualy PhysX chip to their console, that would have been a step to the right direction.

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Yeah the videos are a bit disappointing in that they don't really show anything that the DW series is about. I'm all for nicer looking characters, but I'd prefer to have it showing more than 50 characters on screen at a time, no characters popping in and out of view while you try to fight them, no fogging, and more detailed and dynamic environments. Funky lighting effects? Great, but I'd rather have the resources in this kind of game thrown on other areas.

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