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Extras - Or: What Ricky Gervais Did Next.


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Hmmm. Well, that was OK I guess. I'd say early reports about it losing place and momentum due to the segmented nature of it (in that first link) are about right, although it was pretty funny.

Putting on The Catherine Tate show right after it made me appreciate it all the more though - I turned that off quick.

The episode itself was pretty amusing, but too short, I guess having The Office DVDs to hand made the half-hour episodes easier to bare.

There were some pretty damn funny Ben Stiller references "Dodgeball" and "Starsky & Hutch" and a general feeling that Stiller was almost taking over the Brent role, which he did well.

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The Ben Stiller bit was amusing, but I never really liked the office that much and this left me a bit cold as well. The whole excrutiating prick thing that Gervais has going no does nothing for me, so it was all a bit lost on me.

Absolute Power was hilarious though, not seen it before and just happened to start wathcing it. Genuis!

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What did everyone think of last night's ep?

I thought it had some amusing parts, but wasn't *that* funny. Plus, I think I agree more with the reviews that said it's missing the 'time and place' and 'momentum' of The Office so far.

Still, it's better than most of the comedy on TV at the moment.

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