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My new portfolio site is up


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lookin good~wud be nice with some small thumbnails for the screenshots tho :G

They'd be so small that it doesnt make any difference when comapred to blank ones :)

very nice work Smile

why teh name 3decade though? ;o

Thanks! Name is a mystery, secret. :-D

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Nice clean design, limited the amount of bling I like it. But still some lacking in standards compliant design, but that is ok, since it only applies when it doesn't present any obstacles to page design.

I'll give it 5 thumbs, two of mine, two of the guy next to me and one I found yesterday.

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yes it does look good.

the only feedback is that it has this "double" design with two similar sections and very small fonts. As a portfolio, it doesn't draw me in to any particular place...makes me feel like I have to do a lot of work to find out "what kind of 3D artist is this Skdr guy anyway?"

Still...pwningly good on the style!

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Thanks all.

Idea was to make a site for my work, photos and blog etc... a personal site with personal stuff... not a site that explains everything.

My first priority was not to make a site that attracts developers. I might make a specific subsite for that later with all the needed information but there are no plans for it right now.

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