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The Reminiscent, Nostalgia and the Heaven of this beauty "Mapcore" thread


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Founded in the 2000s and supported by the Counter-Strike developers turning into more a Half-Life production forum and then aaa/indies, Mapcore is a place i am so happy to be part as someone who's a disabled and pursuing a game dev career by a game essay school arc and passionate about mapcore history and Goldsrc/Source, I thanks Half-Life, Valve and @FMPONE for making this beautiful hidden gem site alive and all the wonderful thing are still here without Half-Life and valve there's no mapcore but we'll never forget our best moment and memory with 

They Hunger

Black Mesa Source

Half-Life 1 and it's expansions

Half-Life 2

CS 1.6

Operation Black Mesa

Jurassic Life

Hidden Source

Fortress Forever

Philip old videos 

No More Room In Hell


Natural Selection and so many mods and cool stuff we are all happy to be part of it ❤️

Even thought the forum still feel like a desert but it is still mapcore knows as mapcore in our heart.

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