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new camera with a budget


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I have done alot of photography, commercial and as a hobby, and I have always trusted Canon cameras, and I assume that you are looking for digital camera so I'd advice you to check out some Canons, if you can, get Digital Rebel XT tho it seems to go for 800-900 for kit depending on the lense, the body is around 600-700 tho.

Also Canon G6 which I use for fast compact camera to take with me when I'm not sure what I need is awesome, it goes for 600$ and you can still upgrade it with tele and macro lenses and flashes and tripods.

For more you can look at http://www.dpreview.com/, it's a great site and I read it almost daily.

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thanks a lot kosmo.

i was thinking and if I spent about only 500 on a camera, would i be

disappointed by it? i mean if the difference between a good camera and a

great camera is 50 dollars, ill splurge.

also, i dont want the highest quality possible, just something to take good

quality photos.

also i dont know if this matters but when i get it, itll be my first camera

ever other than the ones you get for 6 dollars at a local drug store

thanks again

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I don't think that the difference you can get with 50$ is that much of a heaven compared to the cheaper one, cameras go by tiers, the cheapos around 200$ then comes the high'end consumer cameras around 300$ all the way to 500$ then comes the prosumer cameras that range from 500-1,000$ and then comes the pro cameras from 1,000-14,000>$

So I'd advice you to get a camera in the high-end conrumer or low-end prosumer cameras, and I think that the Canon G6 has quality over your need and when pairing it with a a microdrive you can take raw format pictures that should be enough to print photo quality A3 size prints (that is 11¾ × 16½ in size for you americans, and Ledger/Tabloid in paper size).

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I just got myself a cheap, but apparently good (for a fledgling newbie to photography like me) digi cam the other day. Twas a Fujifilm S5500, and though it only cost me £175, it offers a lot of features to give you more creative control. It's a 4MP camera and has 10x optical zoom, and its styled like a mini-SLR so it looks quite badass compared to all the compacts in its price range. I've heard that at £175 it is an absolute steal (was going for £240 in high street shops), so I dunno how its priced in the US.

For more info, check it out on the site Kosmo linked to, as it really does have everything you could care to know about pretty much every digital camera out there.

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oh god i just farted and it fucking stinks

anyway, i looked at the cannon g6 and it looks pretty sweet

it goes anywhere from 470-550 dollars for just the camera.

i think ill get this one, and maybe a 512 memory card or even a 256, but

ill try the stock one and see if im unhappy with that at first.

thanks again

oh and if anyone has a camera they would suggest, feel free to post your

opinion as any is welcome

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Is the Canon A85 any good? It costs 219 euros so it's good for my budget.

Short answer, it is, I had Canon PowerShot A70 before and I just absolutely loved it, the design was great and image quality was second to none (at it's price range ofcourse).

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