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most were taken on the move, one was taken from a car, the end ones were from a boat, the rest were practically while I was talking so you don't get much :D

(speaking of ghost busters, we ate at tavern on the green also :D )

(if you're talking about the church the stay-puft man fucked up, thats not the one, the church in the picture is st. patrick's cathedral)

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Did you go to the phonebooth phone?

id be suprised if i even saw a phone booth

when we went to central park we walked around a bit, that pic with the coorful things in the bottom is a fair that was going on in this triangle area that is a skating rink in the winter. we walked along to the zoo, but it was closed, we saw a polar bear though, he must have been going crazy since it had to be above 90 that day.

btw, i took those world trade center pics from here (i took this pic 5 years ago D: )


this is whats left of that sphere there, its sitting in battery park, i wanted to go see it but non one else wanted to walk :mad: :


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