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Hello to you all. This is my first thread/post on these forums. I can see there's alot of great maps going on and I have a map in the works myself.

I've been working on it for I don't know how long and it's closing to a beta stage. It's 90% complete and I hope to have beta1 ready in the end of this week.

What written below is a direct quote from the naturalselection.com mapping forums. I won't bother to rewright it.

UPDATE! Probably the biggest one before beta1 :D .. Now let's see. I've been working A LOT! Improved r_speeds greatly in many places. Built new areas and the map is closing beta1 very fast. The map is 90% complete with layout. Most of the areas in the following shots are finished and some of them have a little more work that needs to be done in them.

Also my clipnodes are running out so some of the details you can see in the shots will probably be removed or changed drastically. This to actually get the map done and have people play it.

Pictures, now(wee no more imageshack!!) :














What needs to be done:

-Clipnodes must be reduced before I can finish the map without any troubles.

-Last hive needs to be built

-The ways for going to the last hive must be built

-Backstory must be written(I have a decent one inside my head!)

Layout will come AS SOON AS the layout is 100% finished for beta1

Comments and Critics are more than welcome. I hope to see more comments than when I first started this thread.

That's all for now. Stay tuned if you like!

So that was it.

As said to people on the ns forums I'd like a great deal of feedback on how to improve areas/lighting and other things that you might think would be valuable to look into. Thanks in advance for all the feedback!

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First of all, welcome to mapcore - I hope it fills you with warm, fuzzy feelings :)

Map is looking pretty cool. I like the atmosphere you have in a lot of the shots, and here and there you've got some pretty cool architecture. The main problem is that many of your areas look so bare. The overall room structures look fine, but it just looks like a shell. I know this is HL1 and many of us are somewhat spoilt by newer engines, but it looks to me like you probably have some resources left for additional detail. Look at the 5th last screenshot for example. That room BADLY needs some life - it seems horribly empty and simplistic, especially when compared to some of the other pictures. I don't have NS installed these days so can't take a closer look.

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It looks very clean, too clean in many places. The brushwork is simple, but it works out pretty well in most places.

As ReNo said, the map really need more detail in a lot of places. You got the walls, floors and such, but not really any object detail. There should be plenty of room for making the map more detail and yet have good r_speeds.

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That's the weirdest thing ever. Wow. My mind is blown.

Anyways, solid looking map, but it seems to follow the architecture-style of ns_ayumi very closely. Not that it's a bad thing, since it fits the textures perfectly, but it's all been seen before.

Again, wow. From Harstad. Wow. Wowowow.

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The shot is a bit dark I know. But the lighting will be brighter next time a screenshot is provided to this thread.

What will be done next:

-Brighter lighting.

-Beta1 built ready.

After beta1:

-Areas destroyed totally(as detail to the map)

-Areas improved with more detail so they aren't as empty as they are now.

Also, here is one of the textures in the colour I turned them all into:


That is all for now. Feedback please? :D

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Hehe yeah. I see what you mean :) .. And it's true. I also like it that way.

I have a new shot. The shot I posted which was dark(with the new textures)..I have the same spot, only with more lights :D ..


Imo it's much better but still needs to be a tiny bit brighter.

That's all!

Oh and PhilK.. It's KaBelen :P .. You always had that spelling error :P.. I don't know if you do it on purpose..but I'm correcting you anyways :P

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