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[Source Engine] - SpaceEngine skyboxes


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Here are some skyboxes that I created in SpaceEngine that I though I could share with you guys, divided by theme. These skyboxes use VTF version 7.5 and were originally created for CS:GO. However, they do work with GMOD and Source Filmmaker.

Earth-Moon system


Skybox Packs

Other SpaceEngine skyboxes

These skyboxes feature either 1024x1024 or 2048x2048 faces. Most of these files are compressed with either BGRA8888 or DXT5. I've found DXT5 to be about as good in quality as BGRA8888, but with a much smaller file size. The only major difference I found between DXT5 and BGRA8888 are with sun halos, in that sun halos are a lot more apparent with DXT5 than with BGRA8888. Fortunately, skybox faces don't need have the same compression format, so some faces can be DXT and other faces can be BGRA8888.

And now some screenshot samples:

MoonHab_02 (from SpaceEngine Skybox Pack #1)



EarthSpace03 (from the EarthSpace03 pack)



Nebula_04 (from Nebula Pack #1)



Installation05_01, on the map csgo_halo_ascension (my CS:GO port of Halo's Ascension map)



IceMoon_01 (from SpaceEngine Skybox Pack #3)



VenusLike_02 (from SpaceEngine Skybox Pack #4)




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Renaming SpaceEngine cubemap faces to Source Engine cubemap faces can be tedious, so I wrote a batch program to speed up this process:


set skyboxname=SkyboxNameHere
rename "sky_neg_x.vtf" "%skyboxname%bk.vtf"
rename "sky_neg_y.vtf" "%skyboxname%dn.vtf"
rename "sky_neg_z.vtf" "%skyboxname%lf.vtf"
rename "sky_pos_x.vtf" "%skyboxname%ft.vtf"
rename "sky_pos_y.vtf" "%skyboxname%up.vtf"
rename "sky_pos_z.vtf" "%skyboxname%rt.vtf"

This script in particular renames the VTF files that are created with VTFEdit's import tools.

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