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Are we starting to see the first effects of SCi Eidos deal?


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Gamespot tells us that Tomb Raider and Hitman both pushed back to 2006, are we finally seeing the effects of SCi buying Eidos? The push is not said to be because of financial background but of concerns to "maximize their hit potential."

I'm pretty sure that SCi is bit worried about Tomb Raider since the last Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness sucked ass, and by god it sucked it hard. I hope SCi didn't jump water too deep.

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A friend of mine got Angel of Darkness bundled with his graphics card, and we tried it the other day, since neither of us has played such a game before.

It's one of the worst games I've ever played.

I got it with my soundcard.

I played the alley you start in for 3 minutes, then quit in disgust.

So I agree.

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Haha yeah, we never got past the tutorial-alley either. Whose idea was it to freeze the player while playing through the idiotic hints? And don't get me started on the movement speed!

Totally. I used to get each Tomb Raider for christmas, I loved playing them. Then this comes along and pisses all over the happy memories.

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Its true that it is horribly bad compared to the earlier ones (even Tomb Raider Chronicles was better - at least it stuck to the formula), but most people are too harsh on it. I haven't completed it, but I at least gave it a chance while most people seem to dismiss it outright. If you are willing to get past the shitty city segments, there are good times to be had. The section under the Louvre for instance is quite reminiscent of old Tomb Raider - traps, dungeons and platforming rather than the crappily done stealth/action segments. Unfortunately the game seems to be heavily biased toward the real world settings rather than the old dungeon style, and together with the hard to get used to controls, its no wonder people condemn it without getting anywhere.

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