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Prelit Model Textures?


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I'm making it in the XSI Mod Tool and exporting it to Half-Life 2

That example model is from HL2.

What im asking is if i can save the lighting into the texture so the model appears to light itself in game.

Models in Half-Life 2 are vertex lit so it would look and work a lot better to have the lighting in the texture.

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i made a little tutorial for this a while ago but never shared it with anyone :P, i hope it helps

for what to put in the vmt files, i really dont know but i'm sure you can find it on the valve developer wiki

Okay this is really easy, and can give kickass results. What we are gonna learn today, is rendering some nice lighting on you skin. hl2 models are vertexlit, but some soft shading doesnt do harm ;).

So you made a nice model, and want to prepare it for some hawt skinning. In this case, i made a door prop thing!!!!


Thats nice!

Now add a skylight and position it like i did on them pics. Dont forget to tick off the cast shadows button!


alright nice work!!

Now we have set up our scene for the lighting. You can create more complicated lighting stuff, but i'm just using a simple skylight for this as it creates some nice soft shadows at exactly the spots where nice soft shadows are expected to be ;)

k now select you model and go to rendering -> render to texture

the following window should pop up:


add a lightingmap and set the size to something big like 1024 (you can rescale afterwards in photoshop)

click "unwrap only" first. It adds an unwrap modifier where can can first properly unwrap you model, or load a previous uvmap you made. Make sure there are no overlapping parts on your mesh.

Click render! This will take forever so now its time to get outside for a change. Enjoy life abit!

When the render is done it will look totally awesome and you will be very happy. save it and rescale in photoshop if necesary :)

you can already add it to your model now, looks a lot better already eh :)


now, make a little colored mesh with texporter if u wish, and start the skinning!!! Or give this + the colored mesh to you favorite texture artist and he will love you forever


you can also use this method to render stuff with some sharp shadows on you model. Watch out with that tho, make sure it would fit in the map ;)


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