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Looking for Environment Artist to work at Ubisoft Montreal

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St0lve: I'm posting this based on feedback I get from my lead & art director which goes something to the effect of "klein find me some more good people damnit!@r~~~²" - The posts I make are specifically for my project. Otherwise I'd have to post a bit more cause we are hiring in just about any position imagineable last I checked.

everyone else:

environment artist would create assets used in a map (textures, shaders, models..) our level designers are just designers, all the art is created by...well, the artists.

Still looking for a good weapon artist too.

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OOOOoooo! I'm so applying for this one! Only problem is im contracted until the end of August on the indie game im working on. :( Would that be a problem kleinluka? The contract states that I have to finish 3 environments and some interface work which I currently have 2 levels completed, so im almost done.

You've seen my work, so ure the best to judge if im good enough for what your looking for. I maybe able to get permission to show what im working on now, but its not high rez environments, its low rez outdoor env.

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