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I know it looks like the map runs like ass from the FPS, but that is because I was running a bunch of bots, plus hitting the screenshot key rapid fire. the map should be easyer on your PC than Inferno. I know that for many that is a pretty low bar, but what am I gona do.


tell me what you think. Hope you like it.

If you dled it and the boats look fucked, dl this...


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Think it needs a bit more work, brushwork is one or two palces seems like it could sue some elaboration, a few more props here and there would help, most notably the water. Also, aas mentioned by the others, the lights not so great. Other than those fairly minor things, it looks really good.

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Yeah, it does look sort of gloomy and overcast.

Apart from that, though, it looks really nice and I don't know why there aren't more comments.

It's also unfortunate how it shows up how crap Source is at rendering the 'edges' of water (in straight lines, no waves), although maybe in-game (from an FPS view) it doens't look as pronounced - maybe there's some way you can think of to reduce this effect by having 'gutters' or building/sidewalk edges that overhang? (The water shader itself is still good, though.)

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