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Interplays FO3 Design documents D:


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But yeah, I have my doubts wheter Bethesda can pull off a good Fallout game, and this probably wont make me less concerned

Of a company that actually did something awesome companies like Troika couldn't? Reacreate the sheer exitement on roleplaying and institute the coolness back to games usually categorized with SSI strategygames and Heroquest?

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Damn I love to read these :(

Then why the long face?

Cause Interplays isn't making FO3 anymore.

And Bethesda isn't using the "Van Buren" concept, they are making their own.

Oh so sad :(

I tought that they are not going to reuse anything from the Van Buren project, but that doesn't mean that they are asshats, surely they can understand that the original designs are valuable since the team had some original FO developers, so why toss good ideas away and blindly expect that fans will not let the game flop even if it is a game of post-apocalyptic Texas hold'em.

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