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Zbrush - Da Vinci WIP


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I began yesterday to learn how to model (heads) in Zbrush. I know that most uses other tools to make the basic mesh and in the end opens zbrush to add the details. But I decided to go the "hard way" and just make it in zbrush. ;)

As concept I choosed one of Da Vinci's art pieces showing of an old man in profile.


Hehe, it's damn hard to get that ear to look good, and as you can see the head got one small bug next to the ear. I've tried to fix it, but I cant find a solution, so plz help.


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zbrush works a bit like a paint tool. imagine sculpting terrain in one of these sim city games, where you can lower and higher the terrain with the tools. so you're not actually doing it in 3d on the model. you are moving the perspective around and however you place the model in it you can deform it accordingly with different brushes (size, shape - even custom brushes are possible)

mh that sounds weird, i guess :D

you should try it or watch one of these crazy video tutorials on the zbrush site (the awesome fish explains many things), it becomes very clear after watching these videos, how this programm works.

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yeah its called have your faces detached. Are you modeling that IN zbrush? Thats not exactly smartest way of doing things. Rather model your model, and use zbrush to flesh out the details that would otherwise take to omcuh time to make.

As I said in my first post, I'm only using Zbrush. Yeah I know it isnt the smartest thing to do, but I got so damn inspired by antropus Picasso tutorial :D

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I decided to start this project over, this time using Zspheres rather than the 3dsphere. Feels like you got more control with that tool.

Well, right now I'm adding details and tries to get the right proportions. And I must say it's damn cool to paint 3d! :) , so If you havent tested zbrush yet, do it! It's a completly new experience in 3d editing.

Here's a pic showing off some progress:


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