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Old pier - game environment


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Recently at a couple of interviews it has become apparant that it is my environment work that is getting the attention. So, as much as it hurts, I'm devoting my time to environments for the next few years.

Here is some WIP on my latest project, a old abandoned building on a british pier. I'm roughly going by reference images but putting my little changes here and there. I'll start texturing tommorrow but feel free at this point to crit my geometry/modeling.




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I don't know how you usually work, creating rough geometry first and then detailing, but it starts looking good. Only thing though would be that it looks too 'clean', too straight-lined while the reference picture shows a more abandoned state. I can see some broken things in your model but its not really showing yet. Probably because most things are too well aligned.

My 2 cents... :)

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Captain P, thanks. The idea was to create most of the 'wrecked' aspects within the texture. But your right, I will look at it again and see if theres more I can add with modeling before I start texturing.

Jynxdaddy Kill me now...but what is a mapper?, is it someone working on a mod? What puts me off mods is that you rarely choose what you can do. Also it is mostly labs and industrial zones and other cliches I wouldn't want to put in a portfolio. My next environment project is going to be cartoony and I doubt anyone is doing a cartoony mod right now? Let me know if there is.

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A mapper is just a level designer, people use the terms interchangably.

While the obvious route for making models for a game is through a mod, there is no reason why you can't just make whatever you like and release it on its own. As you are doing environment modelling much of the stuff you make probably isn't going to be suited for use as "props" for level designers (eg. this pier building), but if you ever do any smaller scale models (eg. trees, shopping trolleys, furniture, etc...), then if you release them people will quite possibly find a use for them. Whether or not there are cartoony mods out there, I quite often find myself playing around with cartoony level themes and I reckon that if there were model resources out there in that theme, others might do the same.

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I'm quite happy with this but am dubious about the 'cylinder roof' texture.

I think it's because it's too low-detail. It looks like it's very low-res and I think the colors aren't what I expected them to be. I had thought of a sort of greenish roof plates rather than a wooded one. Greenish, or metallic, but not brown. The other part looks fine though, indeed.

The architecture looks better now, too. Good job. :)

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