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I know a girl back home who is into cosplay. Scary as hell stuff. You get a big convention center room, throw in a few hundred people in various anime/animal costumes and watch them roleplay and act like tards. People making out in cat suits and such. /me shudders

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Fact is, she'd be hotter in a bikini without crazily controller hair.

If I were to cosplay, unsurprisingly enough I'd go as Reno from FFVII. My hair is actually long enough to go into a ponytail just now (though hardly as impressively long as the character in question's), so with a bit of red hair die and a blue zip up suit, I'd just about be the part :)

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Some cosplayers are nice, know few of them, they like to do fucked up shit just because they get "bardoned" by the fact that they are.. cosplayers.

Once they dressed as batman and robin (oldschool style tights) when they went in to a rave and they had "anti rave spray"-can with them, that was fucking hilarius.

But guy cosplayers who dress like some anime girl are just more wrong than Hitler.

:edit: I'd go as Alien from movie Alien and I'd eat you all. Nobody messes with them.

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